April 25, 2014

This website has been designed in conjuction with the Metal Buildings Institue™'s
Quality and Craftsmanship Video Series. This site provides the ability for a company:

  • to provide online access to some or all of the 11 training modules to each of these employees
  • to test each of their employee / students online and provide completion certificates for successful tests.
  • to track employee progress for both the online viewing and testing processes

Quality & Craftsmanship Video Series
Produced by the Metal Buildings Institute, MBCEA is offering an eleven module online video training program series. These videos were created by Erectors for people involved in the construction of metal buildings. The training series has instruction in both English and Spanish.  A listing of the training modules are below.

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Tools of the Trade
Unloading, Material Handling, and Staging
Windows & Doors
Fiberglass Insulation
Wall Sheeting
Exposed Fastener & Lap Seam Roofs
Standing Seam Roofs
Roof Penetrations and Curbs
Flashing, Trim and Gutters
Internal Gutters and Transitions


Please call the Metal Buildings Institute at (800) 866-6722 to order the Quality and Craftsmanship DVD Training Series


Multimedia Student Test Questions

  • All tests are available in both English and Spanish languages
  • Each question has a correspond image to aid in understanding
  • Each test question can be both read and listened to.
  • Tests may be taken from any computer with an Internet connection.



Company Test Management Control Panel - Free


Each company will be provided a private control panel which will allow them to manage their employees testing  and monitor their progress.   This is a free service to the companies.   From this company test management center a company will be able to perform the following functions:

  • Employee / Student Functions:
    • Create and manage employee/student account
    • Assign or change employee/student passwords
    • Assign the language that an employee must test in Inactivate a student who will is no longer with the company
  • Purchase, Allocate and Re-Allocate Test Keys
    • Keys may be reallocated at anytime prior to an employee / student begining to test on that module (i.e. use that key)
  • Monitor their Employee / Student performance 
    • See the status of a student for a particular module (In Use or Passed )
    • View an employee / student's  score(s) of the test(s) for that particular module



Each module test costs only $5 per employee.  
For that $5 fee,  a student may  test as often as necessary until they pass a particular module.   A Certificate of Completion will be provided to each student via email after they sucessfully pass that module.    If a student fails to pass a particular module,  they will be given additional tests for that module, untill they successfully complete it.       

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